Corporate LAN Messenger: 5 Communication Benefits.

Those who are interested in using an Office LAN messenger but have yet to get started may not understand the many communication benefits. Of course, there is another side. This part consists of the companies that are using business instant messaging applications, day after day – these organizations are already benefiting.

LAN messenger corporate using

If you are unsure about the advantages of LAN network messengers, the following should clear the air:

1. Using instant messages for interoffice communication is quicker than phone calls or emails. While this may not be the method that you rely on for every conversation, it is something to consider if you are in a hurry.

2. Some LAN chat apps offer a feature that allows you to save conversations. This simple function can benefit you in many ways. For instance, you may want to go back into a past conversation to see what a coworker had to say about a particular project. The way you can save instant message conversations is much like email.

3. More than one person can chat at the same time. This feature is a crucial benefit of using a business instant messenger. Instead of relying on a conference call or copying others on an email message, everybody can join a group chat room and discuss in real-time.

4. Better than email. The majority of people in today’s day and age are interested in communicating via email. They believe this to be the quickest and most efficient way of doing things. There is nothing wrong with email, but if you do want to communicate instantly, you need to consider all your options. Sure, an email gets sent instantly, but do you know when/if the other person receives it? With a LAN message, you can send a message and receive a reply within a matter of seconds.

5. You can create different internal networks. This option may be the biggest benefit of using a PC chat messenger. Within a network, you control who can message to whom as well as what employees have access to chat. For example, you may want one network for upper management and another just for your sales team.

Video guide. LAN messenger for Android and Windows PC

Hint: you need to choose a messaging software that offers the ability to create networks.

So, what do you think? Get one of the popular applications on the market and check if an instant LAN messenger can improve communication within any office environment.