Choosing the Best PC Monitors for Gamers

If you can’t imagine your life without video-games, you are definitely on the constant lookout for the best gaming monitor.

Sometimes, it’s quite tricky and even hard to choose the long-lasting monitor. Gamers must choose the right one focusing on three main characteristics: resolution, refresh rate, and color accuracy. The display resolution must be at least FullHD (1080p). However, it’s even better to get 2K (1440p) or 4K (2160p). The refresh rate is measured in Hz and the rule bigger is better may not always apply here. Before getting the monitor with 240Hz or 144Hz, make sure your graphics card can run such high-end framerate games. The response time and the screen size also matter. They are partially responsible for how smooth the movements will be. Screens from 21 to 27 inches are said to deliver the most comfort and visual clarity. In addition, you should look for a screen with FreeSync or G-SYNC. They will save your screen from tearing at the expense of no execution. The top-rated monitors usually come from the most popular brands like Samsung, Dell, Asus, etc.

One of the best gaming monitors out there is Samsung Curved 49-inch. It’s quite pricey but it was designed to withstand the most demanding games. The resolution allows us to split the screen into two displays and the 144Hz refresh rate is the best rate for this kind of monitors. Another great option is the BenQ Curved 35-inch Monitor. 100Hz offers great gaming experience together with HDR technology and 1800R curvature for enhanced and bright images.

If you are looking for a smaller screen, Asus ROG SWIFT will probably be your best choice. The 27-inch IPS panel delivers excellent color correction as well as vibrant and sharp images. The 165Hz refresh rate is insane for this screen and secures the best gaming experience. The only drawback you might discover is the less video input options.

In case you are on a tight budget, take a closer look at ViewSonic 27-inch monitor. FullHD resolution and 144Hz will bring you flawless gaming experience. It performs well with low input lag and Black Stabilization for color correction. AMD Free-Sync is also a definite advantage. However, you won’t have the same viewing angles as in 1000-dollar-worth monitors.

The market of gaming monitors is expanding a lot and the new models are released on a regular basis taking into account the new technologies. The manufacturers are trying to please even the most demanding users. When getting a new monitor, you should look up how old it is but also focus on the needs it must meet and the characteristics you want it to have in order to work nicely with your PC or console in the smoothest possible way.