New HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset for Gamers

Every true gamer is always on the lookout for the new models of monitors, consoles, and gaming accessories. A good headset is essential to deliver the foremost gaming experience because it helps to immerse into the game completely. Poor sound quality and the uncomfortable model can ruin even the best game out there. So, if you are looking for a new headset, pay some attention to the new HyperX Cloud Alpha.

The Cloud Alpha Headset has been recently released but it is so great, you cannot compare it to anything. So, the only possible comparison is to the older model – Cloud II. By the way, the price is the same for both models.

The new model has a very similar design but has a list of new features and interesting extras. It has all new drivers. Moreover, the new ear cups bring more comfort. What’s more, the cable can be easily detached now. This exceptional headset is great to wear. It’s arguably the most famous headset for gamers. The previous Cloud II offered another pair of ear-pads and a bag for storage. The company raised its standard so high that others aimed to match them.

The Cloud Alpha has the more neutral quality of sound, which is clean and very dynamic. It is secured by the new design of dual chamber ear cup which delivers less deformation and flat frequency response.

Another thing everybody values is the level of comfort when wearing it. The new HyperX Cloud Alpha has strengthened the adjustment forks and made them bigger which now allows it to fit perfectly. Users complained that the older version was too small for some of them, so the company added more “space”. They use the new material for ear pads and the signature memory foam in order to make this headset the best one yet.

The design is pretty much identical as the Cloud II headset with slight differences like the less rounded ear cups or imprinted logo. Its general overlook is the same as well as the build quality. So, if design matters for you, choose accordingly.

The new Cloud Alpha has a detachable mic and cable. In addition, HyperX has a USB sound card and a simulated 7.1 surround sound. Another difference is the higher quality of the materials, including the bag.

In general, the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset delivers better sound quality and comfort. This headset for gamers is probably the best and you won’t be disappointed with the choice.